Thursday, March 25, 2010

Consuming Exchange Web Service from Java

I had to get the Exchange Web Service (Exchange Version: 2010) APIs consumed from a Java program. Here is a set of preconditions, that I had, to start working on this.

  • Need to use Apache Axis2 web service stack, version 1.4
  • Consume mail and calendar APIs from Java

I did some research on any existing work for the same. I couldn’t find anything specific for Axis2. However, I found this great wiki page from imap2exchange project, which explains how to do it from Metro. In this blog series, I am trying to put together the sequence of actions I had to do to get the proxy code working from Axis2.

To get the email from user’s inbox, I had to do the following sequence.

  1. Setup your development environment
  2. Customize the WSDL & Schema to get Axis2 generate the proxy
  3. Fix compilation issues of Axis2 generated proxy
  4. Remove some namespace attaching in the request to avoid EWS complaining about the request format
  5. Edit the schema to resolve bugs in Axis2, regenerate proxy code and fix compilation issues

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